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NAVAL EVENTS, FEBRUARY 1942 ( Part 1 of 2) (in outline only)
Sunday 1st � Saturday 14th.
Note: all vessels and aircraft are British unless otherwise identified or implied – click for abbreviations.
(for more ship information, go to Naval History Homepage and type name in Site Search)
More information on naval events in this period may be found in:
Background Events – December 1941-February 1942.
Sunday, 1 February.
Light cruiser TRINIDAD arrived in the Clyde from Scapa Flow to disembark the Polish personnel brought back from Murmansk with convoy QP. 6. She departed the Clyde on the 4th to return to Scapa Flow , arriving on the 5th.
Heavy cruiser LONDON arrived at Scapa Flow from the Tyne on completion of refitting.
Heavy cruiser SUFFOLK arrived at Hvalfjord from patrol in the Denmark Strait .
Destroyer ICARUS arrived at Hvalfjord from Scapa Flow at 1100 to operate with the Home Fleet.
Destroyers FAULKNOR and INTREPID arrived at Seidisfjord from Hvalfjord for ocean escort of convoy PQ.9 and PQ.10.
Destroyer CALPE arrived at Scapa Flow at 0800 on return from Operation EW in which she had been providing anti-aircraft protection to armed merchant cruisers CAPE SABLE and CITY OF DURBAN.
Convoy ON.62 departed Liverpool, and was joined on the 2nd by destroyer WATCHMAN and corvettes ANCHUSA, ARABIS, DAHLIA, MONKSHOOD, and SNOWFLAKE. WATCHMAN detached on the 6th when the convoy was joined by destroyer ST LAURENT and corvettes KAMSACK, NAPANEE, RIMOUSKI, TRAIL and TRILLIUM. The original corvettes were detached on the 7th when American destroyer GLEAVES joined. GLEAVES detached on the 13th, and the convoy dispersed on the 15th.
U.109 sank steamer TACOMA STAR (7924grt) in 37-33N, 69-21W. The entire crew of 85 were lost.
Steamer SEDULITY (490grt) was damaged by German bombing off Cromer.
Submarine TEMPEST departed Gibraltar for Malta, arriving on the 8th.
Escort destroyer HURWORTH arrived at Alexandria from the Canal Area for duty with the 5th Destroyer Flotilla.
Submarine THUNDERBOLT sank Italian steamer ABSIRTEA (4170grt) six miles 320� from Cape Dukato.
Convoy HX.173 departed Halifax, escorted by destroyer ST CLAIR, corvettes MIDLAND , NASTURTIUM, and minesweepers GANANOQUE and QUINTE. The minesweepers detached on the 2nd. American destroyers BERNADOU, DECATUR, EDISON, LEA, and NICHOLSON joined on the 3rd, while the rest of the initial escort detached on the 4th. Destroyer WATCHMAN joined on the 9th and corvette SNOWFLAKE. The American destroyers detached on the 10th, and corvettes ANCHUSA, ARABIS, DAHLIA and MONKSHOOD joined on the 12th. The escorts all detached on the 13th and the convoy arrived at Liverpool on the 14th.
American naval forces attacked Kwajalein, Wotje, Maloelap, Jaluit and Mili in the Marshalls , and Makin in the Gilbert Island groups.
Aircraft from aircraft carrier YORKTOWN, escorted by heavy cruiser LOUISVILLE, light cruiser ST LOUIS and destroyers HUGHES, SIMS, RUSSELL, and WALKE, struck Makin Island.
Aircraft from aircraft carrier ENTERPRISE, escorted by destroyers RALPH TALBOT, BLUE and MCCALL, struck Wotje, Maloelap, and Kwajalein.

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