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BBC News Online.
The orgy, allegedly involving about 400 Japanese tourists and 500 Chinese prostitutes, took place last month at a luxury hotel in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai.
Since details came to light, police have rounded up many of those involved, including more than 50 prostitutes, a nightclub madame and several pimps, according to a local newspaper.
But local journalists say they have been told to restrict their reporting of the orgy for fear of giving the wrong impression of life in the new, freewheeling China.
Publicly, the government is blaming Japan for the three-day orgy, and has demanded that it take steps to “educate” its citizens about how to behave abroad.
The Foreign Ministry in Beijing expressed its “utmost indignation” to Tokyo over what it called the “odious” incident, which coincided – intentionally or otherwise – with the anniversary of Japan’s invasion of north eastern China in 1931.
Tens of thousands of Chinese internet users also took out their fury on the Japanese, calling them “animals” and recalling such wartime atrocities as the Nanjing Massacre, or Rape of Nanking, in which an estimated 300,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 women raped.
A number of elderly Chinese women are still seeking compensation from Japan for having been forced to become sex slaves, or “comfort women”.
But this time, some Chinese are saying that their own country should be feeling just as ashamed as Japan.
Unless China wants to acquire a reputation as a sleazy haven for sex tourists, they say, it should be learning something from the latest incident itself rather than blaming foreigners.

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